Water meters VIPA i_Flux

Electric single jet water meter i_Flux with radio transmission that allows to remotely read data.

Temperature class T30 for cold and T30 / 90 for hot water.

Water meter SENSUS Residia JET

Water meters SENSUS Residia JET

Residential single-jet dry-running cold water meter Qn 1.5. Installation in all positions. Built-in anti-magnetic protection. Performing in sizes DN 15 and DN 20. Supplied in building lengths of 80, 110 and 130 mm.

The water meter can be supplied with radio module VIPA VM S or VIPA VM S Plus that enables radio reading of measured values.

Water meter SENSUS Residia JET

Water meters Kaden S 060 and S 065

Compact single-jet dry-running water meter with an electronic counter, with features for capturing, viewing and radio communications. It is designed for measuring consumption of cold or hot water, for continuous flow of 1.6 m³/hr., The maximum flow rate of 2 m³/h. Type examination pursuant to Government Decree no. 464/2005Sb (MID) No. Certificate: TCM 142 / 09-4706


  • Reading without entering the flat
  • The elimination of the manual processing mistakes
  • The acceleration of the measuring process
  • Memory for the last 18 monthly values
  • The full controlled reading without possibility of meter - reader intervention
  • Warranty 5 years
Water meters KADEN S 060 and S 065

Water meters Kaden S 050 and S 055

Dry-running single-jet water meter for measuring water consumption for the nominal flow rate of 1.5 m³/h, maximum 3 m³/h, the water temperature to 40 °C and 90 °C


  • Long life and long-term guarantee accurate measurement of materials and design solutions
  • Resistant variant of the water meter, water meter has a new design of magnetic coupling, which is virtually impossible outside influence their operation
  • Warranty 5 years
Vodoměry KADEN S 050 a S 055