We use our own software for heat costs distribution. This client-server software is based on Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access technologies. This connection offer robust data foundations and possibility to operatively manage and organize data. It allows us to quickly process and compile all necessary information and fulfill all deadlines.

Interesting features

  • inputting data at extern organizations or at customer site
  • import input data from various format (text file, tables, dbf files, xml files)
  • data export according to customer requirement
  • mass data processing (calculating, exporting, printing)

Data control

All data are controlled on different levels to prevent affecting outcome by mistakes. For this reason was created complex internal system of mistakes detection.


Basic output is individual bill with costing both heating and water. Every bill contains all important value and information requested by government presented in clear arrangement.

For owners (administrators) of building is available several other outputs like a summary bill for both heating and water where can be found transparent information about payments of individual users or list of unmetered rooms.

As you can find on our websites we can export all data to several formats for specific softwares (Integry, WinDomy, ...)