Pulse counter Wireless M-Bus OMS

VIPA IC4+ allows connection up to 4 meters with pulse output to wireless network Wireless M-Buss / OMS. Data transmission about consumption of water, gas or electricity using the modern open protocol to system AMR. Format transmitted data is freely configurable.

Device contains 4 fully configurable inputs Reed/NAMUR/S0 with adjustable sampling. In case of NAMUR circuit the IC4+ can detect interruption of cabel or short-circuit.

Power supply is provided by integrated exchangeable battery. According the operating conditions and configuration is service life more that 12y.

Wireless M-Bus/OMS

Open Metering System (OMS) is open communication standard. Therefor it is useful as long-term stable protocol in every device which allow access to information about consumption.



  •  reading without entering flats
  •  elimination of errors caused by manual reading
  •  speeding up measured data processing
  •  fully reliable reading, not interfered by a service person
  •  easy integration to existing structure AMR