Data for your system

We can provide you with specific data output format for your information system so it can help reduce the time needed to elaborating data for total annual statement of all services.

We use our own software to allocate heating and water costs. This software enable us to take advantage of automatic big data processing and exporting for the needs of customer. We offer export individual bills and summary bills in format PDF for easy archivation in your side.

Prepared data structures

  • Data type VIPA
  • Integri (INTEGRI s.r.o.)
  • WinDomy (O.K. Soft s.r.o.)

Data type VIPE is supported by systems SSB2000 Starlit s.r.o., Domus (SysAg software), DES (TOM-computer, s.r.o.), etc.

After an agreement we will provide any data format which will be requested by customer.

You can ask for detail via this link.