How it works

The most important part of the allocator is a specially adjusted glass sensor. Changes in the optical density of the sensor depend on the temperature of water in the outlet pipe of the radiator and also on operation time. This is displayed by the change of colour of the sensor which gradually brightens. When the heating is turned off for summer, the glass sensor is electronically evaluated by a portable measuring instrument with a precision exceeding 0.5 %. This can be done in your own flat.

This improved, simplistic and inexpensive way to distribute costs for heating was theoretically justified and practically tested in tens of thousands apartments with central heating system.

Allocator VIPA C

The VIPA CT also allows you to check how much heat exactly you have used at any moment during the year.

Allocator VIPA CT

Component of cost allocations

The basic service includes the calculation of heating payments, the preparation of summary accnouts and an individual accout for each resident. Further services include: the division for hot and cold water, division of heating bills when there is a change of tenant, the calculation of corrections related to the installed heat output, and other services in advance.

When the heating period is over we divide up total bill provided to us by the owner of the building or the heat supplier. If you provide information about advances and chenges of tenants during the heating period it can also be taken into account.

Each resident (tenant) receives an individual bill poviding ojective information about the method used to calculate the bill that allowing them to check individual details retrospectively.

For owners (administrators) of building is available several other outputs like a summary bill for both heating and water where is transparent information about payments of individual users or list of unmetered rooms. On the request we can provide any other format suitable for additional data processing in software for property administration.

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