For property manager

For property manager.

Do you administrate buildings with central heating system? The choice of suitable system of proporcional heat metering is not easy decision. Nowadays there are many offers of different system of heat metering.

The specialist company should take care of whole complexity of proporcional heat metering and enduser of apartment should obtain easily verifiable, psysically and technically evincible heat bill calculation for heating service and no just count of dimensionless increment loaded from allocators. Each individual measured value has not any meaning without mutual comparison with other meaured values in whole building. These values are known to company that provide proporcional heat metering. Company should incorporate these vaules to laically verifiable bill. Information needed for user verification is floor area, temperature comparison between rooms in same apartment and between each room and average temperature in whole building. Only in this case can user compare allocation with reality.

All type of VIPA CZ allocators thus VIPA C, VIPA CT and electronic allocators VIPA EC Infra and VIPA EC Radio provide users with laically verifiable bill for heat services.

Component of bill

At the end of billing period, customer will received summary account in two copies and individual bill for every apartment user. On request we can deliver data for other elaboration or archivation in pre-arranged format.