Radiomodule VIPA VM S Plus for water meters Sensus

Wireless M-Bus OMS compatible

Electronic radiomodule VM S Plus is upgraded version of radiomodule VM S with wireless data transmission M-Bus with open communication standard OMS.

Radiomodule can be attached to water meter during its manufactory, assembly or whenever later. Due to this fact is appropriate for current customer with installed water meters as well as for new one.

Emphasis on security

Radiomodule features with active antimagnetic protection, which records attempts to influence water meter by magnet.

Electronic seal records attempts to remove radiomodule from water meter. This record is included in broadcasted information

Wireless M-Bus OMS compatible radiomodule VIPA VM S Plus for water meters Sensus


  •  reading without entering the flat
  •  the memory for last 18 months
  •  the full controlled reading without possibility of meter - reader intervention
  •  the acceleration of the measuring process
  •  the elimination of the manual processing mistakes
  •  easy to integrate to existing AMR solutions

Technical parameters

Lifetime 10 years + reserve
Communication window January - December, Monday - Friday, 7:00 - 16:00 (Specify the other settings in your order)
Power supply 3,6 V Unchangeable lithium battery
Security active antimagnetic protection, electronic seal
Proportions (mm) 64 x 34 x 35
Communication protocol RCom - bidirectional communication
Wireless M-Bus with open communication standard OMS
Memory last 18 months
Calendar function adjustable day of saving status
Operating temperature 0 °C - 80 °C
Protective category IP 65


Service software for radio module VM S and VM S Plus:

Optional accessories

  • ZET810