Radio module VIPA VM S for Sensus Residia water meters

An electronic module VM S is intended for mounting with water meters Sensus Residia. This module enables remote reading of measured values.

The module can be attached during water meter production, or during assembling, or even anytime to already mounted meters. Therefore it is applicable for those flat users, who have already water meters installed. When a module is additionally mounted to a water meter, both devices will be electronically linked so remotely read values will include a code of the appropriate water meter. When a module is additionally installed, it reads water consumption since its installation.

Safe Reading is Emphasized

The radio module is equipped with an active magnetic protection, which registers attempt of influence function of the water meter using a magnet.

An electronic guard registers any attempt of removing the module from the water meter. I n that case an error state is generated and when remote reading, it is transmitted out.

Radio module VIPA VM S  for Sensus Residia water meters


  •  reading without entering flats
  •  last 18 readings are stored into a device memory
  •  elimination of errors caused by manual reading
  •  speeding up measured data processing
  •  fully reliable reading, not interfered by a service person

Technical data

Operation life 10 years + reserve
Communication window January - December, Monday - Friday, 7:00 - 16:00 (Specify the other settings in your order)
Power supply 3,6volt Unchangeable lithium battery
Protection aktivní antimagnetická ochrana, elektronická plomba proti neoprávněné manipulaci
Dimensions (mm) 64 x 34 x 35
Transmission protocol Rcom - two way coded transmission (walk-by)
Carrier frequency 868,299 MHz
Channel width 199.951 kHz
Transmitting power (max.) 10 mW
Data bit rate 19,2 kBd
Memory stavy za posledních 18 měsíců
Calendar function nastavitelný den uložení měsíčního stavu
Operating temperature 0 °C - 80 °C
Protective category IP 65

Service software for radio module VM S and VM S Plus:

Optional Components