Water meter VIPA i_Flux

Wireless M-Bus OMS compatible

Electric single jet water meter i_Flux with radio transmission that allows to remotely read data.

Emphasis on security

The water meter is equipped with an active magnetic protection, which registers attempts to influence function of the water meter by a magnet. The radio module is equipped with an electronic seal to prevent undesirable manipulation.

An electronic protection registers any attempts of removing the module from the water meter. Every information about these attempts will be a part of transmitted data.

Water meter VIPA i_Flux


  •  reading without entering the flat
  •  the memory for last 18 months
  •  the full controlled reading without possibility of meter - reader intervention
  •  the acceleration of the measuring process
  •  the elimination of the manual processing mistakes
  •  easy to integrate to existing AMR solutions

Displayed data

  1. Flow direction indicator
    + Correct flow
    - Backflow
  2. Radio communication indication
  3. indikace pokusu o ovlivnění vodoměru
  4. Flow indication

Technical parameters

Power supply 3 V lithium battery
Protection active antimagnetic protection
electronic seal
Communication protocol RCom - bidirectional communication
Wireless M-Bus with open communication standard OMS T1 mode
Memory last 18 months (RCom - walk-by)
Calendar function adjustable day of saving status
Frequency 868 MHz
Radiated power (max.) 12 mW
Antenna Internal antenna
Verification MID EC-Type examination certificate: TCM 142-13-5009


Service software:

Optional accessories

  • ZET810