The multi-sensor electronic allocator VIPA EC Radio Plus

Wireless M-Bus / OMS

The multi-sensor electronic allocator serves for heat cost billing in buildings with a central heating system. The heat cost allocator allows each resident to share the heating cost of the whole complex of flats with the amount that matches the resident own heat usage.

Allocator VIPA EC Radio Plus is extended version of VIPA EC Radio with Wireless M-Bus equipped with a open communication standard OMS.


  • reading without entering the flat
  • the elimination of the manual processing mistakes
  • the acceleration of the measuring process
  • heat cost allocator memory for last 18 months
  • the full controlled reading without possibility of meter - reader intervention
  • easy to integrate to existing AMR solutions
The multi-sensor electronic allocator VIPA EC Radio Plus

Technology at your side

A modern allocator is controlled by the microprocessor with a memory which contains the information about reading since last 18 months and on the date of accounting period. The device is equipped with highly sensitive temperature sensors and it fulfils all requirements for getting a perfect reading for the correct heat cost calculation. The allocator is also equipped with the electronic-mechanical seal which blocks the device reading at dismounting.

Allocator use duplex communication protocol Rcom and simplex Wireless M-Bus data transmission with OMS compatible data structure.

The quality and accuracy

The heat allocators VIPA use an unique access to the proportional heat consumption indicating and the sequent heat bill calculation. Calculated average temperature of the reading rooms is the decisive factor, not a heat delivered by a radiator. This temperature in each room depends on the heat output of the radiator, which is indicated by the temperature of the water in the outlet pipe.

Complex solution

The heat allocator is only one of the factors of quality and rightful heat bill calculation. We also offer the long-time complex rightful heat calculation with our own software VipaCalc which is optimized for quick and troublefree heat calculation being implementated in tens of thousands flats.

Displayed data

Loop 1.

  • Evidence code
  • The previous reading
  • Control code
  • Control temperature
  • Actual reading

Loop 2.

  • Monthly reading memory
  • Monthly reading memory
  • Monthly reading memory

Optional displayed data:

  • KZ - The reference backwater temperature
  • PT - Average room temperature
  • TZ - The instant backwater temperature
  • PZ - The average backwater temperature
  • ZD - The end of billing period
  • AD - The current date

Display data is dependent on the specific setting

Technical data

Operation life 8/10 let + reserve (according to the setting method of communication)
Power supply 3volt lithium battery
Display LC display
5 numeric letters + 2 alphanumeric letters + symbols
increased thermal resistance
Scale Uniform
Protection mechanic seal, el.-mech. seal with operation detection
Dimensions (mm) 71 * 44 * 60
Transmission protocol Rcom - two way coded transmission (walk-by)
Wireless M-Bus (OMS) T1 mode (AMR)
Allocator memory reading since last 18 months (RCom - walk-by)
reading to the date of the billing period
Calendar function variable heating period start and end
variable date of an billing period
Summer reading Δt > 4 K (back flow pipe temperature – room’s temperature)
Winter reading back flow pipe temperature > 10 °C (or variable)
Operating temperature 0 °C - 80 °C
Operating push button, 3 press types
Design 3 sensors
Protective category IP 31 (mounted)

Optional Components

  • ZET810

Range of application

The indicator is designed for buildings with two-pipe heating system. We recommend a professional entry consultation in case of one-pipe vertical or horizontal system. It is determined for most radiators and convectors. It is impossible to use it for heating radiators with additional source of energy or for variable heat output, e.g. bathroom ladders with heating cartridge or convectors with a fan.