Comparison of allocators

Table of features
ČSN EN 835
Temperature sensors
Graden method
allocation on each room1) Yes Yes No No No5)
allocation comparison with temperature in each room 2) Yes Yes No No No5)
trustworthy verification of measured values3) Yes Yes Yes No Yes
occurrence zero values on allocators No No Yes Yes No
installation on convectors 4) Yes Yes No No -
danger of damaging panel radiators No No Yes Yes -
reinstalling after radiator replacement No No Yes Yes -
reading without entering the flat No Yes Yes No Yes
wrong allocator's output because of the longterm ventilation No No No No Yes
significant mistakes caused by additional heat source No No No No Yes

1) System VIPA provides cost allocation on each room (in monetary terms).

2) Temperature difference dt between rooms and the average temperature in building.

3) Each allocator VIPA C and CT has unique identificator which can be useful for reclamation becouse measured value can be retrospectively verified. Physical properties of sensor do not allow interference in favor of user. The sensor cannot be affected by neither user nor us.

4) Just convectors without ventilator.

5) System of temperature sensors is not installed in every heated room.